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As the State of Western Australia grows, there is an increasing need to identify and mitigate the significant risks posed from the 27 hazards prescribed in legislation. The SEMC's State Risk Project aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks the State faces at a state, district and local level. 

In order to ensure the risks are assessed consistently, OEM has developed the "Attachment to State Emergency Management Prevention and Mitigation Procedure 1: Western Austr​​alian Emergen​cy Risk Management​." ​This document sits within the State Emergency Management procedures suite. 

At a local level, the risk assessment process is being rolled out in 2017 In accordance with State Emergency Management Policy Statement 3.2.6​,​ local governments are required to assess hazards and risks that their areas face. In addition to the Guide, the State Risk Project​ has also developed a handbook specific for local government to assist them with the risk assessment: "WA Emergency Risk Management Local Government Handbook". The handbook outlines all that is required for local governments to meet their emergency risk management obligations. ​

​Western Australia Emergenc​​​y Risk Management​ procedure

WA Emergency Risk Management Local Governme​​​​​​nt Handbook​​​


Attachment to State Emergency Management Prevention and Mitigation Procedure 1:

Western Austr​​alian Emergen​cy Risk Management​

​​The WA Emergency Risk Management Local Government Handbook​ is intended specifically for use by WA local governments within the state, to facilitate risk management a​​nd to develop emergency management plans.​

The Toolbox contains supporting tools and materials that, together with the Western Australian Emergency Risk Management Guide and the WA Emergency Risk Management Local Government Handbook, have been developed ​to aid and assist in the emergency risk management process.

​Download the Western Austra​lia Emergency Risk Management document​​​

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Western Australian Emergency Risk Management procedure (1.4MB)

​Download the WA Emergency Risk Management Local Government Ha​ndbo​ok​ 2017:

WA Emergency Risk Management Local Government Handbook​ 2017 (4,81MB)

​Download the Toolbox content: