SEMC Bulletins

The introduction of the SEMC Bulletins is in response to Recommendation 6 of the report of the Special Inquiry conducted into January 2016 Waroona bushfire. Mr Euan Ferguson stipulated that:

The State Emergency Management Committee to adopt, across all hazards, the doctrine of:

  • the primacy of life;
  • the strategic control priorities; and
  • community warnings that are timely, tailored and relevant.

     Agencies will reinforce amongst emergency management personnel the importance of the doctrine through briefings and intent statements.

On 4 October 2016, the SEMC approved the Strategic Control Priorities for the hazard of Fire. Additionally, section 4.1 of Westplan Fire has been amended accordingly.

Following the 2016/17 southern bushfire season, the Strategic Control Priorities will be reviewed, by the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) to assess all hazard applicability in consultation with stakeholders.  

For further information, please contact policy@oem.wa.gov.au.

​​SEMC bulletin n​. 1 October 20​16​​ - Strategic Control Priorities for the Hazard of Fire – October 2016