Office of the Executive Direct​​or​

This area provides executive support to the Executive Director, Secretariat support for the SEMC and its subcommittees, together with strategic policy and communications.


​​​Committee Support

High level secretariat support is provided to the SEMC and its subcommittees by the committee support officer. The committee support officer is primarily responsible for coordination and administrative support to the SEMC and two of its subcommittees Community Engagement and Response Capability whilst also providing oversight to the State Bushfire Coordinating Committee, Recovery and Risk subcommittees and ad hoc assistance with Public Information Reference Group (PIRG) and Essential Services Network Operators Group (ESNORG).


The Office of the Executive Director manages the communications strategy and the production of reports and other publications. The team is responsible for delivering key SEMC and OEM information to external parties through:

  • The OEM website
  • Publications
  • Communiqués
  • Newsletters
  • Annual reports